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Steve King hopes to advise Marjorie Taylor Greene on what to do with her spare time

Kiron, Iowa—Steve King has found new purpose.

After many dark nights of the soul, King, the former Republican representative from Iowa, said Friday he’s looking forward to counseling Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Pluto) with some advice.

Taylor Green was stripped of her committee assignments, much like King was two years ago, after several incendiary comments she’d made, including advocating for the assassination of prominent Democrats, surfaced.

“Rookie mistake,” King said. “See, you can’t actually call for violence. Here’s something better: This one time, I was telling this reporter from the newspaper in Ames about how Nancy Pelosi caused American troops to die when she met with the Iranians. Now that’s going to boil the blood of the guy hauling logs and listening to Rush Limbaugh, but it’s not an actual threat.”

King invited the freshman Congresswoman to his farm house just north of his hometown of Kiron where the nine-term Congressman has spent much time, “Sitting, thinking” the past two years.

In January, 2019, the Republican Party stripped King of his committee assignments after he questioned, in front of a New York Times reporter, why the term “white nationalist” was a bad thing. In June, 2020 he lost in a primary election to a fellow Republican. He spent the next three days in bed watching what he called “comfort videos” – Pat Buchanan’s speech at the 1992 Republican National Convention, news coverage from Election Night 2016, and the director’s cut of “Birth of a Nation.”

“It got so bad that I started to wonder if us European Americans weren’t all we’re cracked up to be,” King said.

But it only got worse as Joe Biden won the presidency in November, and then days after King left Congress for good, the Democrats regained control of the Senate.

“When I think about what the liberals might do to our beautiful, precious tax cuts, I…(mumbling) come on, King, pull it together, you’re a winner not a crier.”

But now that he’s found a new mentee, King has a spring in his step and a slur in soul. So what does King plan to say to Taylor Greene when they meet?

“You’ve got to make it seem like you’re joking; it makes your base feel good and gets them to hate the liberals at the same time, like that time at CPAC when I said Nancy sent her Stasi troops into my office to force those curly-Q lightbulbs on me; it got a big laugh, and then when people got bent out of shape, I told them they’re being too sensitive,” King said. “Your people rally around you because they think liberals can’t take a joke, but then your people start to really believe whatever BS…I mean the salient point you’re making. It’s brilliant!”

King then pulled out a notebook labeled “How to get away with insulting Mexicans” that he plans to give to Taylor Greene.

“I was saving it for myself, you know, when I got back on the Ag committee, but…it really should belong to someone who, you know, gets on TV,” King said. “Thanks again for stopping by. I thought my phone might have been broken. You don’t have to leave so soon, do ya? We could talk about how Joe Biden is in the pocket of the Chinese, or how he’s going to let MS-13 take over the suburbs, or that Hunter Biden is really a…” King said, his voice trailing off as the reporter closed the car door and quickly drove away.

Taylor Greene declined an interview request, but she released a statement in which she praised King as a “conservative icon” and said she’d love to meet him.

“I just hope the Jews don’t use their space laser to burn down his house first,” she wrote.



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