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Great White performs for socially distant audience

CROOKSTON, MN--Rock band Great White performed for an audience of 14 Friday night, allowing for proper health and safety measures to be taken during the 90-minute set. The 80s band, best known for its hit "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" drew condemnation for performing in front of a mask-free crowd in Dickinson, ND earlier this month but that wasn't a problem Friday at Dirty Z's Brew Pub.

"I was totally bummed," fan Jerry Ratsch said. "I mean, 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy' is an anthem! And nobody was here. I'm really disappointed in my fellow Crookstonians.

Ratsch spent much of the night singing along at the front of the stage, more than six feet from other patrons. A woman, who asked her name be withheld so people wouldn't think she was a Great White fan, said she attended out of boredom and curiosity. She stood alone in the back of the room.

"My kids' dad said he'd take them for the night and I didn't argue," the woman said. "I haven't been out for three months. The band was OK. I had their record 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy'; well, my mom had it."

Three men in Hawaiian shirts showed up but quickly left.

"We saw it on Facebook and thought it was an Aryan pride rally," said Chase Simpson, chapter head of the Crookston Boogaloo Bros. "Really disappointing, but at least there wasn't any race mixing."

Crookston Mayor Evan Gunderson said in a statement that he was happy citizens were safe and responsible.

"I am pleased that our friends and neighbors would enjoy Crookston’s many entertainment opportunities while doing all they can to stop the spread of Covid-19. I remind the good people of Crookston that they should not be 'Once Bitten' but rather 'Twice Shy' when it comes to this virus," the statement read.

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1 Comment

Kathryn Duncan
Kathryn Duncan
Jul 30, 2020

I kind of like this idea. I wouldn't have to cry so hard in Act Two.

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