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Forever 21 Months, for mature fashionistas who wish they were babies

Does 2020 have you down? Wishing the despair and hostility would go away and you could return to a simpler time? Now you can with clothing from Forever 21 Months – adult-sized baby wear for that closer to the womb than the tomb feeling!

Forever 21 Months offers stylish onesies, perfect for home or the office. There’s this one for the on-the-move executive who wants to oink her way up the corporate ladder.

And nothing says “Hire me” more than wearing this horn-fessional ensemble:

But Forever 21 Months fashions aren’t just for the office. Get ready for a night on the town as a penguin, or pirate, or this orange creature high on molly:

Or spice up a first date with our brand-new infant leather bustier:

(image redacted by MMW Standards and Practices)

Accessories include a variety of bibs (including fun sayings like “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my breast milk” and “Boom booms are my jam”) rattles, blankies, bitties, and footed pajamas with a button-up trap door.

All Forever 21 Months outfits are made with 80 percent, locally sourced, organic cotton, 15 percent rayon, and 5 percent denial. Order today and start living the life you already have!



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