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Google Pixel 8: Better than real life!

Tired of otherwise great photos that turn out bad? Worry no more with the Google Pixel 8. It’s better than real life!

Has this happened to you? You take a selfie at the beach with that special someone, and the sunset is just right and you look totally cute in that yellow two-piece, but uh oh, there’s a bloated dolphin filled with plastic bottle caps floating lifeless on the shoreline. That used to be a buzzkill but now, just highlight the demised dolphin, tap erase, and it’s gone!

Trying to catch your toddler walking for the first time but he just won’t look up at the camera? Worry no more. With multi-picture edit mode you can take the body from one shot and from another, swap out a face just like Hannibal Lecter did in “Silence of the Lambs”!

Don’t have a toddler yet? Well, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until Jesse commits to starting a family. I mean, last time you brought it up he said, “Yeah…I guess” so that’s something right? Of course, that was six months ago and neither of you have talked about children since, even though you keep commenting on how Greg and Sarah are having so much fun with little Noah…anyway, just “borrow” Greg and Sarah’s photos of little Noah – while using the face-swapping feature with some AI-generated kid who kinda looks like you – and BAM there he is walking down your hallway! Sitting with you at the dinner table! Gazing up at you while playing with his blankie you could imagine knitting for him! And all your friends can say, “But you don’t have a kid, Meredith” and “Were you babysitting?” and “Girl, let’s get coffee and talk about you.”

Or you post a photo of you at work, getting that promotion to Senior Associate Asset Monetization Coordinator and you notice that your smile looks a little forced because at the time you were thinking that you rarely talk about work with your friends other than to say “It’s going well” and “We had a conference in Topeka that was fun” and how your mind often drifts back to college – those 10 years since graduation seem much longer – when you were first-chair violin and how you volunteered at the food bank and that single mom came in every week and called you an angel and you said, “Even though I’m graduating, we’ll keep in touch,” but now you can’t remember her name – Clare? Carrie? – and your dust-encrusted violin case is on its side between the dresser and the Peloton Jesse bought you “Not because you look fat, because you totally don’t, but…you know” and you haven’t touched either in months because you had to put in those extra hours so the merger could go through with the Swiss conglomerate that makes pet food, work uniforms, and missile defense systems that somehow ended up in the hands of the Houthis in Yemen but your boss, who still sometimes calls you Karen, told you not to talk about that with anyone from the media or with that cute agent from the Securities and Exchange Commission that keeps coming to the office, but you really wanted to because it would have meant that for the first time in years that you would have felt something in this ever-widening gray morass that has drained the color from your life.

In that case, just tap “smile correct” and, voila! Everything’s perfect!


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