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MAGA crowd outraged that Hunter Biden was only convicted on all counts

On Tuesday, Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, was convicted of three felonies for lying on a form to obtain a gun permit. Reaction in conservative circles has been anything but glee.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Pluto) had previously said filling out paperwork to obtain a gun “sounds like something George Stalin would do (we think she meant Joseph Stalin, but who knows, maybe there’s a George Stalin in Georgia who’s really bad?) said on Wednesday, “Hunter Biden deserves to go to jail. He lied on a government form! That’s much worse than Jan. 6.” 

Sean Hannity had spent weeks telling his Fox News viewers that the younger Biden would not be convicted and that only Republicans go to prison in America, but has now changed directions.

“There will be those that say, ‘this proves that justice is blind; that no one is above the law.’ There will be those who say, ‘If (air quotes) President Joe Biden could orchestrate the outcome of a court case, surely he would save his only living son.’” Hannity said. “What a load of garbage! Yes, I’m still outraged because this verdict is simultaneously not nearly enough and a needless distraction.”

Columnist Mark Levin feels this is just the start of the unraveling of the biggest crime family in American history.

“What about all the real crimes Hunter Biden has committed?” Levin wrote. “He’s the one that started Russia’s invasion of Ukraine when he was on the board of that energy company. It’ll all be proven if we can ever get ahold of his laptop.”

And Alex Jones, broadcasting from an abandoned missile silo in North Dakota, said on Thursday, “Trump gets convicted of 34 felonies, and Hunter Biden only gets three! That’s…twenty…um…thir…it’s a lot more!”


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